Intimate Events, Day of the Bride and Wedding Night. Film, Photo and Video Production Location.
- Day of the Bride and Wedding Night.

- Intimate Wedding * with optional Day of the Bride and Wedding Night.
- Private Birthday, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner,
Cocktails, Vernissage, Receptions for small groups,
* Up to 60 people, including family members.
- Workshops, Training Meetings, Planning and Creation, etc ....
Optional option with lodging for up to 11 people
ATTENTION: We do not rent for events with sale of tickets and drinks etc.
OBS: Exclusively rent of the space for small groups PRIVATE with optional option of lodging. The Services must be outsourced and must be contracted directly by the lessee.

The use of TuAkAzA spaces as a photographic or filming scene and recordings for commercials, advertisements, films, programs, catalogs and publicity illustrations of any kind, promotion of brands, products or services, essays, etc., which have commercial purposes, for any media, depends on prior authorization and payment.


Estrada da Canoa 2600 

São Conrado - Rio de Janeiro

22610-210 RJ - Brazil

Best Subway Station: São Conrado


Phone: 55-21-33226715 /
55-21-981877326 (WhatsApp)



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